Welcome to the Scandinavian Wine Academy!

Our school is for everyone who wants to become a sommelier. We will give you all the knowledge you need and want about wine and other beverages with a welcoming family feeling and excellent pedagogy.

Vinkällan & Vinakademiet

Vinkällan is our school in Sweden where we hold our sommelier education, as well as shorter courses for the ones curious in wine. Vinkällan holds courses at a few places in Sweden; Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Åre and Sälen. Vinakademiet is our danish sommelier school, available in Copenhagen and Silkeborg in Denmark.

Scandinavian Wine Academy

Scandinavian Wine Academy, SWA, is our international school with advanced educations. SWA is also our name when we hold educations in countries outside of Sweden and Denmark.

Educations within the SWA held i Stockholm:

Educations within the SWA held in Copenhagen:




Erik Casterud FWS

Read about our teacher Erik Casterud at the Wine Scholar Guilds web site, where he talks about his relation to wine. Scandinavian Wine Academy says congratulation to all our teachers (Erik Casterud, Dick Samuelsson and Pontus Jennerholm) for passing the French Wine...