Sommelier education

We provide the nordic countries best Sommelier education that comes in two steps and is thought in swedish.

Our Sommelier education is held in swedish and comes in two steps.

Step 1

In Step 1, you get a basic knowledge of wine, spirits and beer. The program includes one semester with eight training sessions, with a full day lecture every two weeks and home studies.

The course covers the: 

  • Basic knowledge of wine and the world’s most important wine regions, grape varieties, types, styles, and different countries wine laws
  • How to assess and describe wine
  • How the basic tastes in the wine affect the basic tastes in food and vice verca
  • How to determine the right drink to the right food
  • Basic knowledge of the major spirits and the different types of beer

Step 1 ends with a written test.

Step 2

If you proceed to Step 2, you can look forward to a real deepening of your knowledge.

We work with a number of additional important areas, and greatly increase your knowledge of the subjects you studied during Step 1. After completing the education, you will finally bear the title of Sommelier with pride.

The course covers:

  • Enhancing your knowledge about the most important wine districts, grape varieties, styles and wine laws
  • Assessing and describing the wine, and the interaction between wine and food
  • The most famous spirits and fortified wines
  • Concentration of knowledge on key areas such as Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, sweet wines, Cognac and Whisky
  • Defects in wine
  • The sommeliers role in the restaurant

Step 2 ends with a written and oral examination, as well as a blind testing which after approval grants you the Sommelier titel. You get the Scandinavian Wine Academy’s diploma, pin and apron with your name in gold embroidery.

Scandinavian Wine Academys Sommelier pin, diploma and apron.