Beer Education

A basic and solid education for those who want to work with beer at a professional level.

The course will begin at a brewery where the students, together with Jessica Heidrich, four-fold SM winner in beer brewing, will be given a unique chance to follow the of brewing a beer to get a concrete understanding of the craft behind. The practical experience will be the basis when we theoretically cover traditional beer styles with Jan-Erik “Janko” Svensson and the beers’s basic chemistry with our principal and chemist Dick Samuelsson. 

We do not only look backwards in time, we will  go through the conditions in today’s market and also give the students an insight into future trends and niches. In addition, the test will be reviewed in a systematic and methodical way to make you a really good beer taster. In order to understand the differents beer varietie’s impact on different dishes, you get the chance to try beer for lunch. It also includes half a day where we dedicate food & beer combination with Mikael Göransson.

The course will extend over five occasions with a final theoretical and practical degree. After completing the course you will receive a certificate of your new knowledge. 

Please, observe that the course is held in Swedish.



What is the course price?

  • Price: 13 750 SEK (+ 25% VAT))

The price covers: the course material, breakfast, lunch, coffee and the beers that we try.

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Price 13 750 SEK (+ 25% VAT)

Photo by Jens Mahnke

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