International courses

Scandinavian Wine Academy’s international courses offer a wide range of possibilities to learn more.

Scandinavian Wine Academy is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and offers a range of international available courses. Contact us with your registration or with your questions if you want to know more.

The course range is:

  • Court of Master Sommeliers
  • French Wine Scholar
  • WSET Level 3 Award in Sake
  • Master classes (sometimes held in Swedish)
  • One year Winemakers Education (held ONLY in Swedish)

Court of Master Sommeliers

As one out of only five countries in Europe Scandinavian Wine Academy offers the renowned education from Court of Master Sommeliers. There are 4 stages to the top professional qualification of Master Sommelier, we provide the first two; Introductory Sommelier Certificate and Certified Sommelier Examination.

French Wine Scholar

French Wine Scholar is an education from Washington that provides current, accurate and in-depth information about the wines and wine regions of France. The program covers French history, wine law, regional cuisines, grape varieties, viticulture, winemaking and all the French wine regions including Jura, Savoie and Corsica. 

WSET Level 3 Award in Sake

WSET Level 3 Award in Sake is a unique course in Scandinavia held to raise the professional knowledge about sake. Come learn about different styles of sake, sake rice, food pairings and the fascinating world of sake. The lecturer is Åke Nordgren, appointed Sake Samurai by The Sake Samurai Association Japan and Advanced Sake Specialist.

I felt that the desire to teach is great here at SWA, they make sure that nobody falls behind. The atmosphere also makes you stay alert throughout the day even if you worked until two the night before.

Anette Löfgren

Restaurant Consultant

Come learn with us.