Our history

Read about how Scandinavian Wine Academy became the nordics biggest educator of sommeliers.

The Scandinavian Wine Academy (SWA) was founded in 1996 by Britta and Dick Samuelsson. SWA was originally a one-man company which Dick used in his work as a beverage educator and consultant. 

As early as in 1998 SWA started its first sommelier education. We began at home in Stockholm but within just a year from that we started our first education in Gothenburg. High demand meant that we also undertook educations in Åland and Finland, together with rolling courses in Malmö. 

Two decades later, we have educations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Sälen and Åre up and running. Since 2007 we are also represented in Denmark, with courses in Copenhagen and Silkeborg. This means that SWA is the nordics largest sommelier educator. Since the beginning in 1998, we have had more than 2500 sommelier students. 

The Scandinavian Wine Academy is a family business, and all four family members are working wholly or partly within the company. In order to strengthen the organization, we have a handful of co-workers and a dozen consultants. Together we provide the highest quality education, and a great atmosphere. We are proud to be a company with heart, where all are welcome and where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. For us it’s all about creating a school with a family atmosphere, where we notice each and every person.

The Samuelsson family: Maya, Dick, Britta and and Filip.

The company is financially healthy and has had the highest credit rating for many years.

It’s rare that I am so positive to everything. I certainly feel like a total novice in the subject, but I’m sure that the Samuelsson family, and other professionals, will help me on my way to improve. I am so pleased that I chose SWA for my education! 

Åsa Wallsten Lindberg

Arranges wine tastings at Bon Vino